Vintage Vixens on Wheels
A Creative Shoot
This collection of photos invites you to explore tales of resilience and transformation. Picture two women who have experienced heartbreak but are now rediscovering their strength. You'll encounter gentle fabrics, soothing pastel hues, frills, and lace, all creating an atmosphere of flirtatious playfulness.
Inspired by Ridley Scott's empowering tale, "Thelma and Louise (1991)," the photos celebrate solidarity and companionship over romantic ties, inspiring strong women to take charge. This collection combines timeless beauty with newfound vigor. That's why I aimed to portray these women as characters in their own feminist duo film, radiating confidence and self-reliance as they tell their stories.
My photography prioritizes capturing the tender and vulnerable aspects of life. A closer examination of these images will spark curiosity about the stories behind them. As I believe photography is a tool for self-discovery, my hope is that each picture fosters a sense of connection among people.
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