“You were an excellent photographer giving us plenty of direction and reinforcements...Forever grateful.” Judith T. (2023)
“Brother I love the shit out of them [regarding her final images]. You are the greatest photographer I’ve ever seen…you freaking killed it, looks so professional and the entire process online was pretty dope.” Mack M. (2023)
“I’m in love with the pics…Thank you so much for making those edits!!!” Kellehanna E. (2023)
“The pictures look soooooo good Jesus. You crushed it. They are very colorful, the editing is perfect :)” Kiera M. (2023)
“The photos are so amazing!…You really know how to capture the essence and emotion at any given point and that was really special to see. I also wanted to say just how lovely your whole process is with the contract signing and photo downloads, emails etc. You’ve put some serious work into automating things and still making them feel like the client is interacting with YOU, even as a brand, and it shows.” Jules P. from BesosJules (2023)
“They are beautiful! Thank you for [being] such a nice person and fab photographer. We all look lovely…Memorable!” Magda C. (2023)
“I felt really welcomed and comfortable during the shoot with Beauty. She was enthusiastic, prepared, and very encouraging, especially when I felt unsure of my posing. Her warm and professional approach, along with the beautiful tone and colors of her editing, made the photos perfect for my professional writing website. Despite a few lighting issues, the experience and results were outstanding. Thank you so much, Beauty, for the great pictures!” Veronica N. (2023)
“From the moment I met Beauty, she made me feel seen, comfortable, and confident. Her warm introduction at an event transformed my experience into a cherished memory. When Beauty photographed our nonprofit's inaugural gala, her professionalism, planning, and ability to capture candid moments were remarkable. The photographs exceeded all expectations. Beauty is more than a photographer; she's a true artist and a consummate professional. I eagerly anticipate collaborating with her on future projects.” Maddie S. (2023)
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